Hi There! The Child Theme For The Hello Elementor Theme

Hi There! is a child theme made specifically for the Hello Elementor theme

It adds customizations beyond what that theme offers while keeping it light and quick. Keep reading to learn more, and then download this free child theme. This is just beginning and we will keep expanding and adding more as time goes on. For now though, scroll down and learn more.

Hi There Child Theme for Hello Elementor Theme

CSS Features

Link Color

For starters, we've changed the link color from the pinkish salmon color to a Blue with Dark Gray Hover. We've added it for you, so you don't have to track it down yourself and then added comments so you can easily find and change it in the style.css file of this child theme.

Sugar Events Calendar Tweaks
If you haven't seen our review and tutorial on this plugin, then go check it out. This CSS adds support for the plugin that isn't provided by default with the Hello theme. For example it fixes the picker drop down menu layout, and adds some height to the days, colors the days, and even changes the color of the current day on the monthly calendar version. Yep, all this is built in to help make your Sugar Calendar even sweeter.

Dynamic Features

Custom Login Page Editor
Customized Login Page

This child theme adds settings under Appearance → Customize to allow you to customize the WordPress login page (you can't view those changes while logged in).

You can change pretty much every aspect of the login page such as the background color or add an image. You can change all the form colors and styles including the text.

You can even add your own logo or your clients logo to help boost your brand identity even further. When you click on it, you'll be sent to your site homepage instead of the WordPress website.

Changing Browser Tab Title

Just imagine this, your visitor opens a new tab and starts looking at other things on the net, or even a competitor. At this point your odds are quickly fading and you need to bring your site front and center of their attention.

You can now thanks to the little bit of script we've included in this child theme. A few seconds after your visitor clicks over to a new tab, the title of your tab starts changing to random titles and words. You can view a live example on our site by opening a new tab and going to it. Watch start changing.

** If you are using a cache plugin and minifying and/or combining javascript files, you will need to add an exclude for: /wp-content/themes/hi-there/hi-there-script.js in order for this script to function.

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Hi There Child Theme for Hello Elementor Theme

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