Child Theme Editor Plugin

On a pretty consistent basis we see folks on various forums and Facebook groups asking how they can tweak the premium child theme they just bought. Perhaps you've seen questions like this:.

How can I edit my child theme without losing it from an update? 

or this:

How can I customize my premium child theme and not lose it because of an update? 

The answer is easier than you think and only a few clicks away. Keep reading and you'll learn just how easy it is thanks to our FREE plugin.

The Child Theme Editor Plugin is a simple and lightweight plugin that allows you to add your own custom CSS and/or PHP code while using a premium child theme. Since most premium child themes provide updates, this ensures that your custom code is not overwritten should you update your child theme.

To use the Child Theme Editor Plugin, simply install and activate the zipped plugin file to your WordPress site in your WordPress dashboard or by FTP. Once the plugin is activated, you can easily modify the style.css and functions.php files at the file paths shown below using using the WordPress plugin editor, or your favorite FTP client.

  • Plugin Main Directory: /wp-content/plugins/child-theme-editor-plugin
  • Customizable CSS File: /wp-content/plugins/churchly-child-plugin/style.css
  • Customizable Functions File: /wp-content/plugins/churchly-child-plugin/functions.php
** This plugin also works with parent themes in which you're not using a child theme, although we recommend a child theme over the plugin if possible.
Child Theme Editor Plugin Files
Warning: Do not modify or alter the main plugin file: child-theme-editor-plugin.php.

This plugin is intended for developers only and should always be used with caution. We cannot provide support for any issues that you may run into when using this plugin. By downloading and/or using this plugin you assume any and all liability. Be sure to always keep your files, database, and website backed up. We recommend using ManageWP for this purpose.

We have no plans at this time to release any future update for this plugin. One of the main reasons is that an update would overwrite your custom CSS and PHP code.

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Child Theme Editor Plugin

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